Nick Falkenstein

Senior Research Analyst

A meticulous researcher, Nick is skilled at handling the details of the analysis and rigorously checking data. He is a key resource for the SMARINsights team in ensuring that our research innovations are statistically and methodologically sound. His comfort with complex statistical analysis techniques such as perceptual mapping, cluster and factor analysis, etc., make him a valuable resource; he devised SMARInsights' key driver analysis model, as well as benchmarking statistical models for awareness, creative ratings, and cost-per-aware household. Nick has a particular affinity for tracking studies, providing dashboard-style reports as well as quarterly/annual reports, and serves as lead analyst for several clients.

Nick began his research career as a market research associate for Eli Lilly and Company (2007-2008) where he gained experience on a variety of projects, including consumer message development, tracking studies, copy testing, and segmentation. His experience as a client gives him a unique perspective as he understands the implications of the research and the importance of uncovering relevant insights that guide strategic decision making. Nick also earned a Master of Marketing Research degree in 2007 from the University Of Georgia Terry College Of Business, one of the leading specialized market research programs in the United States.

Research experience

Responsible for study design, questionnaire development, analysis, and reporting on the following projects, among others:

  • Advertising Effectiveness and ROI
  • Travel Guide and Website Conversion and Integrated ROI
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Image & Positioning
  • Ad Tracking
  • Visitor Profiling



B.S. Indiana University

Master of Market Research, University of Georgia



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Favorite travel experience

“My wife and I traveled by train through Italy and Germany in the fall of 2011. We first visited Rome, where we saw ancient ruins and ate fantastic Italian food. Next we went to Novalesa, a small village in Northwestern Italy to visit my wife’s relatives. Then we went to Venice to eat seafood and wander through the narrow streets. Our final stop was Munich, where we took in the Bavarian culture and visited plenty of biergartens.”