SMARInsights conducted three surveys of domestic leisure travelers in March 2020, to gauge rapidly shifting consumer views on travel – domestic and international, short-term and long-term – and on leisure travel advertising. 


Then in mid-April, a new wave of research focused on marketing messaging. Travel destinations have taken a variety of different messaging strategies during this period of travel restrictions and social distancing caused by the coronavirus. We asked a nationwide sample of likely travelers to view some of the different approaches and provide their reactions.


On May 20, we fielded another national wave of 750 surveys, focused this time on people’s views toward resuming “normal” activities in their own communities, as well as intentions to travel in the near-, mid-, and long-term. Additionally, we asked about safety precautions and a more robust demographic profile. This enables us to deepen our segmentation analysis, to provide our clients with intel on who is likely to begin traveling first, and how destinations might direct messaging to ensure a safe and successful return to leisure activities. We are continuing to track the time frame on travel cancellations and postponements, as well as general attitudes toward travel and planning. 


Unlike SMARInsights’ other research projects, this is not a customized study. We are designing the research to be comprehensive and accessible to as many of our clients as possible.  


With so much happening so fast we feel like this is the kind of information destinations need to help inform strategies and plans. For information about how to obtain the most recent report on “Domestic leisure travel sentiment in light of coronavirus/COVID-19,” please reach out to us at


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