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Full-service, custom market research

Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc., provides full-service, customized market insights and research to its clients. For more than 25 years, travel and tourism research has represented one area of industry specialization. SMARInsights was created in 2013 to focus specifically on travel and tourism research.

We distinguish ourselves by exceeding our clients’ expectations with a combination of high quality, industry-specific marketing consultation, primary research, and analytical expertise at competitive prices.

In support of this philosophy, each client is afforded the services of a senior marketing consultant and a project team comprised of research experts that have been with the company for almost a decade or longer.

Our staff coordinates all aspects of each research program, managing the client’s research needs from beginning to end. We develop the research plan and implement the project, including data collection and analysis. By offering a full range of in-house services including advertising effectiveness, visitor profiles, community value research, and creative testing, we maintain quality control and ensure that every step of the research process is implemented correctly, accurately, on time, and within budget. We bring our experience to the research design and analysis process to ensure that the results are meaningful and actionable.

We understand tight deadlines and the need to have information in real time. Our research findings are presented in clear and impactful language, making them easier to understand and implement.

We work with local, regional, national and international clients.



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