International Markets

Case study: Visit Orlando

Visit Orlando

As the agency responsible for drawing visitors to the popular Orlando, Florida area, Visit Orlando fields advertising in both domestic and international markets. SMARInsights has conducted advertising effectiveness for Visit Orlando in Canada, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Colombia, and most recently in additional pan-Latin countries.


SMARInsights' research assesses the similarities and differences among the countries and between two populations – a general market and a more targeted market of younger families with children. Besides reporting on awareness of the advertising, the research determines the cost to reach an aware household, enabling cost comparisons across countries.


Creative evaluation and the advertising's ability to communicate key messages are also measured, as is the ability of the ads to create interest in visiting Orlando – a precursor to actually visiting.

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Case study: Visit California

Visit California

Visit California's efforts to market the state to a global audience include consumer advertising in the U.S., Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and Mexico. In considering the best way to promote to these diverse audiences, Visit California is moving toward a global approach that centralizes brand development and delivery of direct-to-consumer activity domestically and internationally. 


As Visit California developed the advertising for this global branding effort, it became apparent there was a critical need to gather widespread input from consumers to guide the selection of the best creative concept.


Visit California partnered with SMARInsights to gather feedback on several concepts to determine which one best delivered on the global brand strategy while motivating increased interest in visitation. Research also explored differences in perceptions between countries and how those impact reception of the concepts.


SMARInsights helped identify the creative that was most effective, as well as made specific recommendations for changes that would boost the effectiveness of Visit California’s global advertising campaign.