Shelly Lindley

Project Director

Shelly’s role is to provide the “glue” that holds the project together during implementation. Shelly coordinates with other SMARInsights staff to ensure project timelines are maintained throughout the research effort to ensure results are available when promised. She helps coordinate with data collection and data processing, and provides documentation and updates of both progress and budget information. Shelly also serves as contract manager, overseeing sample management, administrative information, and billing. 


Shelly brings not only a wealth of experience and attention to detail, but also a strong orientation and background in customer satisfaction systems designed to provide ongoing feedback to our clients. 


Prior to joining SMARI in the role of project coordinator in 1994, Shelly had nearly a decade of experience in the supervision and management of customer satisfaction research and telephone centers, including Sky Alland Research (1990-1994) and Indiana Bell (1998-1990).



B.S. Marian College

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Favorite travel experience

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