Kyle began his research career as an undergraduate student supporting data collection and management for various projects with the Sports Innovation Institute at IUPUI.


Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Kyle returned to IUPUI and the Sports Innovation Institute as a graduate assistant. In this role, Kyle managed research design, execution, analysis, and reporting.


During his time at IUPUI, Kyle published original research on multiple topics including sports management, event management, social media usage, and esports (competitive video gaming). 


Kyle joined SMARInsights in 2023.



B.S. in Sport Management – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

M.S. in Event Tourism – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


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Favorite travel experience

My favorite travel experience was a trip I took to Italy right after I graduated from high school. It was my first international travel experience aside from a few trips to visit family in Canada.


I went with a group of friends, and we explored famous attractions and delicious cuisine in Rome, Venice, and Florence.


Exploring each destination helped me grow more confident and curious, and established a deeper appreciation for travel and experiencing other cultures.