Stacie Girard

Database Administrator

Stacie supports the analytical process by providing support and quality control. Her job is to turn the survey data into datasets for analysis. She checks and rechecks each step of the process to ensure that the survey instruments are working properly, that quotas and timelines are met, and that the final data is cleaned and coded. She also makes final data files more usable for analysts and clients alike.

An integral part of the research team, Stacie's attention to detail, experience with data collection, and fearlessness in asking questions help ensure that methodologies used for collecting data function efficiently, effectively. She also manages our databases, which entails harvesting historic data for analysts to use to provide a long-term view of variables that become actionable in light of new opportunities.

When Stacie joined our firm's data collection department in 1998, she initially oversaw our data collection call center, where she made a notable impact by increasing productivity and expertly managing the time and budget constraints associated with that portion of research projects. Prior to that, she brought a wealth of large call center experience from MCI.


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A.A.S. Indiana Business College

Favorite travel experience

“New Zealand in 2007 was my favorite vacation because of many reasons. Being my first time out of the country, the excitement of a foreign land made it the most anticipated vacation yet. Once there, the landscape was the most beautiful place I have ever been.  It had beaches and mountains, sheep and sea lions, pine trees and palm trees all in one location. From the big city excitement of Auckland and Wellington to the quiet, amazing countryside of the inland, New Zealand was truly a dream vacation for me.”