Travel Recovery Intelligence Planning System (TRIPS)

As we’ve talked to many of our clients since the inception of the coronavirus crisis, one of the things that is most evident is that there are new and different information needs this year. And that the information you need changes quickly. Many of you have reached out to get a quote for information and needed the quote and often the research as soon as possible.


Our Travel Recovery Intelligence Planning System (TRIPS) was created to respond to client needs and is based on the partner relationships that SMARInsights has developed over decades of work specializing in DMO work.


Given the ongoing situation, we’ve distilled some of our most sought-after resources into a simple, affordable menu. We fashioned it after a lunch menu you might find at a local taqueria or sandwich shop, because we’ve all had lots of hard decisions to make lately. TRIPS is our effort to make this process easier and allow you to have costs without having to give a lot of specifics or wait for us to respond.


The research modules are designed to give DMOs quick, actionable results to help guide decision-making on how and when to resume destination marketing, and how to navigate that process.


SMARInsights’ Travel Recovery Intelligence Planning System (TRIPS)

·        Resident Sentiment – Whether your residents are ready to receive visitors and, if so, under what conditions; also how comfortable residents are engaging in leisure activities in-market

·        Traveler Sentiment – How ready potential visitors in your target markets are to visit your destination, and what type of messaging would be most impactful in getting them to come

·        Creative Assessment – Is your creative hitting the mark? With budgets tight and a lot at stake when marketing resumes, ensuring that creative is optimally impactful is vital

·        Awareness Measurement – Is your recovery campaign cutting through the clutter? Measuring recall and impact of the advertising can help guide decision-making as you move from early recovery to resuming some level of new-normal

·        Visitation Trends – How is leisure travel different, how much of this new-normal will remain, and what traveler behaviors will revert to pre-pandemic characteristics? This includes visit intent, travel party size and composition, length of stay and lodging type, visit spending, etc.



We know this is a difficult time. We’re in it with you. Reach out as you have need at

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SMARInsights’ TRIPS Research
SMARInsights’ Travel Recovery Intelligen
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