Andrea Huisden brown

Research Analyst

After working with SMARI early in her career, Andrea left to see the world and start a family. She returned in 2012 to continue her life’s adventure by applying her unique perspective to clients in various industries. Her contributions include creative problem solving, the habit of viewing research projects through a multicultural lens, and a wealth of contacts and resources in numerous industries and markets, including overseas. She has also helped advance SMARInsights’ progress in visual analytics, which helps us communicate data concepts graphically. A creative thinker, Andrea is frequently involved in visitor profiling projects and other research requiring non-standard methodologies.

Andrea's career experiences include serving in the Equal Employment Opportunity/Minority Veterans program office at the VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida (1999-2003), Marketing Associate at the University of Florida's Office of Technology Licensing (2003-2006) where she helped connect faculty and student inventions with firms prepared to take the innovations to market, and Assistant Director of the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies at UF (2006-2009). She also served for three years as business manager at the American school in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America (2009-2012).

Research experience

Involved chiefly with these elements of various projects:

  • Brand benchmarking
  • Creative testing
  • Conference evaluation
  • Dashboarding/Tracker reporting
  • Preparation of talking-points for front-line employees
  • Visual analytics (summarizing and communicating statistical results and their application in an easy-to-understand graphical presentation)


  • B.A. University of Notre Dame
  • MBA University of Florida

Favorite travel experience

“My most memorable travel experience was driving from Florida to California in a two-tone Chevy van with my Army officer father, stepmother, and three older siblings in the summer of 1980. We took our time, explored everything from roadside attractions to the Grand Canyon, stayed in America’s cheapest hotels, listened to my dad’s 8-track tape collection and talked on the CB. This trip pre-dated seatbelt laws, so the non-navigating children tumbled around in the back of the van, playing the alphabet game on road signs and seeing who could spot license plates from the most states.”