Alisha Valentine

Account Supervisor

Alisha brings the perspective of a destination marketer to her role in data analysis and reporting. As a former marketing director for a state travel organization, she understands the kinds of actionable information tourism clients need. She has an integral role in client contact, ensuring projects keep moving through development, data collection, analysis and reporting. She serves as the lead analyst on advertising effectiveness projects and heading the website qualitative testing process for several SMARInsights' clients.


Alisha’s first interaction with the firm was as a client. She was able to take the research provided and implement recommendations for successful outcomes. She brings that perspective to her data analysis and reporting, ensuring that travel and tourism clients have actionable results from their projects.


Prior to joining SMARInsights in 2007, Alisha was Director of Communications and Development for the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention (2005-2007), and Marketing Manager for the Indiana Office of Tourism (2001-2004).

Research experience

Responsible for questionnaire development, analysis, and reporting on the following projects, among others:

  • Advertising Effectiveness and ROI
  • Travel Guide and Website Conversion and Integrated ROI
  • Advertising Testing (Quantitative and Qualitative)
  • Market Assessment
  • Website Testing Qualitative Focus Groups

Other professional activities


B.A. Franklin College

Favorite travel experience

“Hiking through the fog into Machu Picchu in Peru. Swimming in the Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico. Ordering room service for the first time. All of these are great travel memories, but my favorite vacation is always my next one. I get great enjoyment from the travel planning process. I love thinking about all of the options of where to go next. But after the location is decided, there is extensive research on where to stay, what to do and, especially, where to eat. To me, planning experiences I think my husband and kids will enjoy is an expression of love.  With a young family, I envision their reaction to all that I have in store for them. The anticipation of the trip can sometimes be better than the reality. So to me, my favorite vacation experience is always my next one.”

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